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밴쿠버 한국학교 결산 예산안 [1981/2 & 1982/3] / Paenk’ubo Han’guk Hakkyo Kyolsan Yesanan [1981/2 & 1982/3] / [Financial Report of 1981/2 and Budget Plan of 1982/3 of the Korean Language School of Vancouver]
Constitution of Korean-Canadian Education and Culture Society of Greater Vancouver
밴쿠버 한국학교 1982년-1983년도 예산집행 현황 / Paenk’ubŏ Han’guk Hakkyo 1982-yŏn-1983-yŏndo yesan chiphaeng hyŏnhwang / Annual budget report
[From] Lee, Seong-soo (Yi, Sŏng-su) on behalf of the Vancouver Korean School Society re: support from the Heritage Language Association of BC for the school