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밴쿠버 한국학교 1983년-1984년도 예산안[기본] / Paenk’ubŏ Han’guk Hakkyo 1983-yŏn-1984-yŏndo yesanan [kibon] / [Budget Plan- basic]
상임 이사회(1) [1983년] 11월 22일/ Sang’im isahoe (1) [1983-nyŏn] 11-wŏl 22-il / Executive Committee (incl. annual budget report)
1983-84년도 [밴쿠버 한국학교] 예산 계정안 [세부사항] / 1983-84-yŏndo [Paenk'ubŏ Han'guk Hakkyo] yesan kyejŏng’an [sebu sahang] / [Expanded Budget Plan]