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1 Creation Date: July, 2010 [키르기즈 선교사의 선교보고] / [K'irŭgijŭ sŏn'gyosa ŭi sŏn'gyo pogo] / [Kirugiju songyosa ui songyo pogo] [최근봉 선교사] / [Ch'oe Kŭn-bong Sŏn'gyosa] / [Choe Kun-bong Songyosa] - Korean Remark: An e-mail reporting the living conditions and the aftermath of a conflict at the missionary site and asking the people of Young Nak church to pray / Holding Location: East Asian (Cheng Yu Tung), University of Toronto eal3:867, KCHA-UOT-EP-0083 Under copyright / Reproduction of this material by ANY means, such as scanning, photographing, photocopying etc. is strictly prohibited / Donor: Hana Kim / Photocopied info:fedora/eal3:uotgeneral-ep