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# Date Title Creator Subject Language Description Identifier Rights Part of
1 Creation Date: Eating Global Vancouver "Jangmojib" UBC History 483 N/A Korean Remark: A documentary story done by a student of Department of History as an assignment. The story is based on the success of "Jangmojib" in ethnic food business in Vancouver. eal3:2770, KCHA-UBC-MM-0001 Under copyright / Donor: N/A info:fedora/eal3:296
2 Creation Date: [2005] [밴쿠버 한인 초창기 이민자와 한인교회] / [Paenkubŏ hanin ch’och’anggi iminja wa hanin kyohoe] / Korean Pioneers and the Church in Vancouver [최주영]/[Choo-yŏng Choe] / Jooyoung Choi N/A Korean / English Remark: A film about a few pioneers of the Korean Community of Vancouver. eal3:2771, KCHA-UBC-MM-0002 Under copyright / Donor: Eleanor Yuen info:fedora/eal3:296
3 Creation Date: Korea T.V. Korean Sociery of BC N/A Korean Remark: A VHS (Video Cassette tape) of the first broadcasting of TV Korea. eal3:2772, KCHA-UBC-MM-0003 Under copyright / Donor: Korean Society of BC info:fedora/eal3:296