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# Date Title Creator Subject Language Description Identifier Rights Part of
1 Creation Date: September 08, 2001 밴쿠버 한인사(13): 밴쿠버 한국어 학교 태동 / Paenk’ubŏ Haninsa (13): Paenk’ubŏ Han’gugŏ Hakkyo T’aedong / [History of the Korean Community of Vancouver (13): Beginning of Vancouver Korean School] 코리아 미디어 / K’oriamidiŏ / Coreamedia N/A Korean Remark: Corea Media [local newspaper] No.14, September 8, 2001. Article about Korean Language School of Vancouver on two pages. Item is stored in box for oversized materials, KCHA-UBC-Oversized-B0011. eal3:2746, KCHA-UBC-NC-0017 Under copyright / Donor: An, Young Ju info:fedora/eal3:291