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1 Creation Date: May 23, 1986 한국민속문화제 티켓 판매 현황 & 결산보고 / Han’guk minsok munhwaje t'ik'et p’anmae hyŏnhwang & kyŏlsan pogo / [Reports on ticket sales and finalized financial statement] [한 카 민속문화 협회] / [Han-K’a Minsok Munhwa Hyŏphoe] / Korean-Canadian Folk Cultural Society of Greater Vancouver N/A Korean Remark: Report of the ticket sale for the Korean-Canadian Folk festival and the financial statement of the festival as of June 21, 1986. eal3:2593, KCHA-UBC-MS-0027 Under copyright / Donor: Korean Society of Vancouver info:fedora/eal3:2389