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# Date Title Creator Subject Language Description Identifier Rights Part of
1 Creation Date: 1979 밴쿠버한글학교학부모회일요강좌–1979년봄학기 / Paenk’ubŏ Han’gŭl Hakkyo Hakpumohoe Ilyo Kangjwa – 1979-nyŏn Pom Hakki / [Lecture Schedule for the Parents of the Korean Language School of Vancouver – Spring 1979] 밴쿠버한국학교 / Paenk’ubŏ Han’guk Hakkyo / The Korean Language School of Vancouver N/A Korean Remark: Spring 1979 lecture schedule for the parents of the Korean Language School of Vancouver eal3:281, KCHA-UBC-PD-0049-01 Under copyright / Donor: Young Ju Ahn info:fedora/eal3:220
2 Creation Date: 1979 밴쿠버 한인회 제60회 3.1절 기념식 / Paengk’ubŏ Han’inhoe che-60-hoe 3.1-chŏl kinyŏmsik / [Programme] [밴쿠버 한인회] / [Paenk’ubŏ Han’inhoe] / [Korean-Canadian Association in Vancouver] N/A Korean Remark: Program for memorial ceremony for the 60th 3.1 Independent Movement. eal3:1926, KCHA-UBC-EP-0060 Under copyright / Donor: An, Young Ju info:fedora/eal3:289, info:fedora/eal3:2501
3 Creation Date: 1979 밴쿠버 한글학교 운영세칙(안) / Paengk’ubŏ Han’gŭl hakkyo unyŏng sech’ik(an) / [Bylaws of School] 밴쿠버 한국학교 / Paenk’ubŏ Han’guk hakkyo / [Korean Language School] N/A Korean Remark: Byloaws of Korean Language School of Vancouver, 1979. eal3:2621, KCHA-UBC-PD-0017 Under Copyright / Donor: An, Young-Ju info:fedora/eal3:2085