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# Date Title Creator Subject Language Description Identifier Rights Part of
1 Creation Date: n.d. ㄷ) 회의 순서 / Tigŭt) Hoeŭi sunsŏ / [Clipping of meeting procedures] N/A N/A Korean Remark: Aricle for a meeting procedures on a local newspaper. eal3:2750, KCHA-UBC-NC-0022 Under copyright / Donor: An, Young Ju info:fedora/eal3:291
2 Creation Date: 1982 제 2차 전 캐나다 한인.한글 학교 대표자 회의:Second National Conference on Korean Community – Korean Language School Programs in Canada / Che 2-ch'a chŏn K'aenada hanin.han'gŭl hakkyo taep'yoja hoeŭi N/A N/A Korean Remark: Program for the Second National Conference on Korean Community - Korean Language School in Canada on August 13-15, 1982. eal3:2554, KCHA-UBC-EP-0073 Under copyright / Donor: Korean Society of Vancouver info:fedora/eal3:289
3 Creation Date: [197?] Holiday Cards N/A Korean Remark: File is composed of Christmas cards sent to Chin Tu-Sik, as President of the Korean Society of Edmonton, from various Korean officials. eal3:2796, KCHA-UBC-CO-0007 Under copyright / Donor: Du-Shik Jin info:fedora/eal3:2499
4 Publication Date:1983 Destruction of Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 over Sea of Japan, 31 August 1983 : report of ICAO fact-finding investigation N/A Korean Air Lines Incident, 1983 English Remark: Item has been catalogued for Koerner Library. Its call number is: E183.8.S65 D47 1983 eal3:2841, KCHA-UBC-TH-0002 Under copyright / Donor: N/A info:fedora/eal3:2839
5 Creation Date: 1997 Modern Korean verse in sijo form / selected and translated with a note by Jaihium Kim N/A Sijo--Translations into English / Korean poetry--20th century--Translations into English. English Remark: Item has been removed and catalogued for Koerner Library and Rare Books and Special Collections. Its call number is: PL984.E3 M644 1997 eal3:2861, KCHA-UBC-TH-0022 Under copyright / Author: N/A info:fedora/eal3:2839