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1 Creation Date: [2000] 21세기 한국학의 국제화 - 미주에서의 한국학 그 현재와 미래 (서론) / 21-segi Han'gukhak ŭi kukchehwa - Miju esŏ ŭi Han'gukhak kŭ hyŏnjae wa mirae (sŏron) / 21-segi Hangukhak ui kukchehwa - Miju eso ui Hangukhak ku hyonjae wa mirae (soron) 고려대학교 BK21 한국학 교육 연구단 / Koryŏ Taehakkyo BK21 Han'gukhak Kyoyuk Yŏn'gudan / Koryo Taehakkyo BK21 Hangukhak Kyoyuk Yongudan - Korean Remark: Introduction on the urgency of fostering scholars who can teach Korean Studies in English and an appeal for publications of Korean History in English / Holding Location: East Asian (Cheng Yu Tung), University of Toronto eal3:2129, KCHA-UOT-MC-0007 Digital reproduction of this material has been granted to the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library of the University of Toronto Libraries by the copyright holder / Copyright and other rights in the digital images, underlying encoded text, indexing and display of the materials in the Korean Canadian Heritage Archives (KCHA) collection are held by the University of Toronto Libraries. The images may be used for the purposes of research, private study, or general interest. For further inquiries, please contact the Korea Studies Librarian. For contact information, refer to the 'Contact Us' page, / Donor: Chai-Shin Yu / Photocopied info:fedora/eal3:uotyu-mc
2 Creation Date: [2000] 신명 / Sinmyŏng / Sinmyong / Shin Myung: shaking the spirits 카나다한국무용연구회 / K'anada Han'guk Muyong Yŏn'guhoe / Kanada Hanguk Muyong Yonguhoe / The Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada - English Remark: A pamphlet providing the programme of Mi young Kim and her dance company's performance and the names of the performing artists / Holding Location: East Asian (Cheng Yu Tung), University of Toronto eal3:749, KCHA-UOT-EP-0046 Under copyright / Reproduction of this material by ANY means, such as scanning, photographing, photocopying etc. is strictly prohibited / Donor: Mi Young Kim / Original info:fedora/eal3:uotgeneral-ep