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1 Creation Date: Nov. 13, 1986 밴쿠버 재일교포 지문 채취 폐지 운동연합회 실행위원회 1차 회의 [순서] / Chaeil kyop’o chimun ch’aech’wi p’yeji undong yŏnhaphoe silhaeng wiwŏnhoe 1-ch’a hoeŭi [sunsŏ] / [Schedule for the 1st meeting of the executive committee of the Rally against Fingerprinting Law in Japan] 밴쿠버 재일교포 지문 폐지 운동연합회 / Paenk’ubŏ chaeil kyop’o chimun p’yeji undong yŏnhaphoe / [Korean-Canadian Campaign Conference against Fingerprint Law in Japan] N/A Korean Remark: Schedule for the first meeting of the Executive Committee for Korean-Canadian Campaign Conference against Fingerprinting Law in Japan. eal3:2586, KCHA-UBC-MS-0013 Under copyright / Donor: Ahn, Young-ju info:fedora/eal3:2389