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한글학교 개학 / Han’gŭl hakkyo kaehak / [Announcement from the Vancouver Korean Language School]
[Advertisement for Korean language schools in California]
Statutory draft-by-laws under Schedule B, Societies Act – Vancouver Korean School Society
Cultural Enrichment Program Guidelines (Supplementary School Assistance Component)
Form 3 (Section 3) Societies Act: Constitution of Vancouver Korean School Society
[밴쿠버] 한국학교 학부모 명단 / [Paenk’ubo] Han’guk Hakkyo Hakbumo Myŏngdan / [Contact Information of the parents of the Students of the Korean Language School of Vancouver]
[밴쿠버 한국학교] 학급 반별 교실배정 / [Paenk’ubo Han’guk Hakkyo] Hakkŭp Panbyŏl Kyosil Paejŏng / Classroom Assignment [of the Korean Language School of Vancouver]
Human Rights for Koreans in Japan: Korean Canadians are Against Fingerprinting Law in Japan
밴쿠버 한인교육문화회 이사 추천 위원회 추천자 / Paenk’ubŏ Han’in Kyoyuk Munhwahoe isa ch’uch’ŏnhoe ch’uch’ŏnja / [A list of recommended board members]
[From]밴쿠버재일교포지문채취폐지운동연합회 [to] [교민] / [From]Paenk’ubŏ Chaeil Kyop’o Chimun Ch’aech’wi P’yeji Undong Yŏnhaphoe [to] [kyomin] / [Letter to community members from] the Korean-Canadian Campaign Conference Against Finger Printing Law in Japan
[From] 문영석 / Mun, Yŏng-sŏk [to] the Korean Society of Vancouver re: request to membership for Mosaic: Service for Non-English Speaking Residents
[List of Participants in Korean Traditional Performing Arts Festival]
지출 사항 / Chich’ul sahang / [Report on expenditure]