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# Date Title Creator Subject Language Description Identifier Rights Part of
1 Creation Date: [2012] 2012 한가위 한인대축제 / 2012 Han'gawi Hanin tae ch'ukche / 2012 Hangawi Hanin tae chukche / The Korean harvest festival 북부 토론토 한인번영회, 한국일보, All TV, 토론토 한인회 / Pukpu T'oront'o Hanin Pŏnyŏnghoe, Han'guk Ilbo, All TV, T'oront'o Haninhoe / Pukpu Toronto Hanin Ponyonghoe, Hanguk Ilbo, All TV, Toronto Haninhoe / KCBA, The Korea Times Daily, All TV, KCCA•Toronto - Korean/English Remark: A pamphlet providing the programme of the Korean Harvest Festival in 2012 / Holding Location: East Asian (Cheng Yu Tung), University of Toronto eal3:1025, KCHA-UOT-EP-0170 Under copyright / Reproduction of this material by ANY means, such as scanning, photographing, photocopying etc. is strictly prohibited / Donor: Hana Kim / Original info:fedora/eal3:uotgeneral-ep