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Korean vowel harmony
Understanding Korean-Japanese interpersonal relationships
Korean immigrant parents' attitudes and practices regarding Korean and English development in preschool-aged children : a comparison of bilingual and English-speaking programs
Curriculum design for the high school credit program in Korean language at Sup sogŭi Hosu (Lake in the Woods), the Korean Language Village at Concordia Language Villages
An exploration of the Korean-Canadian community in Vancouver
Investigating the effect of computer-assisted science instruction on Korean middle school boys' and girls' achievement, attitudes and career aspirations
Violent emotions : modern Japanese and Korean women's writing, 1920-1980
Koreans in the diaspora: identity development of Korean immigrant students in a multicultural context
A Mini-Conference on Canada-Korea Economic Relations : proceedings
The Helen F. MacRae collection : a bibliography of Korean relations with Canadians and other western peoples which includes a checklist of documents and reports, 1898-1975
The Vancouver Korean community : reestablishing status within the Canadian context, 1965-1997
Sources of information and education used by Korean adult residents in Vancouver
Modern Korean verse in sijo form / selected and translated with a note by Jaihium Kim
Comparison of Canadian and Korean preadolescent's attribution patterns affecting inductive rule learning
Foreign direct investment in the forest resource development in the Russian Far East and its implications for Japanese and Korean log markets case study: South Korean-Russian forestry joint venture, Svetlaya
Applications of regional planning strategies to South Korean rural development