Project Team

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Project Directors

Hana Kim (UofT, Korea Studies Librarian, 2003 ~ August, 2014; UBC, Head of Asian Library, September, 2014 ~ Present)
Helen Kim (UBC, Korean Language Librarian)

Many individuals have made contributions to the KCHA Project.

In particular, we would like to recognize contributions of the following individuals who made the project successful.


Kelli Babcock (UofT, Digital Initiatives Librarian)

Marlene Van Ballegooie (UofT, Metadata Librarian)

Andrew McAlorum (UofT, former Digital Initiatives Librarian)

Ken Zi Jian Yang (UofT, Digital Humanities Application Programmer / Analyst)

Sian Meikle (UofT, Director of Library Information Technology Services)

Jay Seo (UofT, Senior Access Services Generalist)

Gordon Belray (UTL, Information Architect)

Chul Hee Yoon (UofT, Application Programmer Analyst)

Seon-Woo Shin (UofT, Korean Original Cataloguer)

Bronwen Sprout (UBC, Digital Initiatives Coordinator)

Jinho Jeong (UBC-Visiting Librarian from the National Library of Korea)

Hyunjoo Eom (UBC, Korean Collections Support Assistant)


Tae Won Ha (UofT)

Ar-Larm Jennifer Chang (UofT)

Esther Soohyun Jeon (UofT)

Jennifer Eunjeong Kwon (UofT)

Jessica Jungsu Lee (UofT)

Hane Chung (UofT)

Maxwell Otte (UBC)

Tae Yeon Eom (UBC)

Jeongeun Park (UBC)

Woobinn Kim (UBC)

Yoon Kyung Kim (UBC)

In addition, we are grateful for administrators and colleagues from both the University of Toronto Libraries and the UBC Library who have provided great feedback and support.