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In order to effectively collect Korean heritage resources across the nation, the Canadian provinces and territories have been divided into two groups according to their geographical locations. The nation was divided into two groups, Eastern Canada and Western Canada. Korean Canadian heritage resources donated by residents of Eastern Canada have been collected by the University of Toronto Libraries. Korean Canadian heritage resources donated by residents of Western Canada have been collected by University of British Columbia Library. The division of the provinces and the territories is indicated in the table below:

U of T


Eastern Canada

Western Canada

New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia 
Prince Edward Island

British Columbia
Northwest Territories
Yukon Territory

53.85% (76,400)

46.16% (65,490)

According to the Statistics Canada, approximately 53.85% of the Koean population resided in the eastern part of Canada while 46.16% of the Korean population resided in the western part of Canada in 2006. Therefore, the University of Toronto Libraries and University of British Columbia Library have shared a balanced representation of the Korean Canadian community.